Competitively priced, superior quality ready-made football goal nets.

We supply football goal nets in continental, box and international styles, all available in various colour schemes. They are delivered ready to install and conform to international standard sizes.

Our ready-made football goal nets are manufactured from only the highest quality 4mm knotless polypropylene. These are durable, professional grade goal nets, not to be confused with cheaper, less robust products available elsewhere that use lighter weight materials. The strength of our football goal nets provides superb durability and resilience for regular heavy use, ensuring long service.

Styles: Continental, International, Box, Straight back

Standard Dimensions:
Senior goals: 7.5m x 2.5m (24ft x 8ft)
Junior goals: 6.5m x 2.2m (21ft x 7ft)
9 vs 9: 4.88m x 2.2m (16‘ x 7‘)
Mini Soccer: 3.7m x 1.9m (12ft x 6ft)
Senior 5-a-side : 4.88m x 1.22m (16ft x 4ft)
Youth 5-a-side: 3.66m x 1.22m (12ft x 4ft)


Ultimate two-colour football goal nets
24ft x 8ft. Made from high-tenacity 4mm knotless polypropylene. Available in Green/White, Blue/White, Blue/Yellow, Black/White, Black/Yellow, Black/Red and Red/White.