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Sports-Nets provides a wide range of golf nets and golf practice netting for golf courses, driving ranges and other golf practice applications.

We can supply golf netting from £2.45 per square metre.

UV-Protected Polyethylene Golf Nets

Our golf nets are sold by the square metre and manufactured from UV-protected polyethylene or polypropylene. This means that, unlike nylon, it will not rot over time.

Our golf nets come with over-locking stitching and are border-corded to ensure a long life. This ensures that net ties, where used, do not tear away from the nets during high winds.

A longer net life equals lower net costs!

Golf Nets - Sports-Nets Ltd

Our range of Golf Nets

28mm Knotted Black Polyethylene
This netting is the type most commonly used on our installations. With a mesh size of 28 mm and 1mm twine, it is ideal for installations exposed to strong winds. Made from black UV-stabilised polyethylene, it is light but very strong and durable with a life expectancy of approximately 9 years.

Golf Netting - Sports-Nets Ltd

28mm Knotted Green Polyethylene
Similar to the product above, this netting uses a slightly thicker 1.2mm twine. It is made from green UV-stabilised polyethylene and is very durable with a life expectancy of approximately 9 years.

Golf Nets - Sports-Nets Ltd

25mm Green Knotless Polypropylene
Our 25mm x 2.3mm green knotless polypropylene is very heavy duty and is particularly suited to lower installations of 4 metres or below, offering high impact protection for applications such as practice nets or bay dividers on driving ranges. It is supplied with over-stitched borders for easy fitting. This netting is not suitable for high level installations due to its wind resistance.

Golf Netting - Sports-Nets Ltd

Replacement & Upgrade

Replacement golf nets can sometimes be upgraded to eliminate or reduce the number of line wires and net ties used, which as a result reduces the labour cost for you.

Golf Net Repairs

Repairing your golf netting may offer a less expensive option and if the nets are not near their replacement time, repairs can be carried out quickly and at a low cost. Depending on the repair required, complete panel replacement may be the less expensive route in the long run.

Additional Tower Heights

Often, tower specifications do not allow extra sections to be added. However, Sports-Nets can supply the addition of a second higher tower system which carries only the extra net height required.

It may be possible to provide some tower support to the existing system, though each case will need to be assessed individually.

Ground Ball-Stop Nets

Systems can be put into place to stop ground golf balls exiting the area of play. A lead rope will usually run and follow the ground contours (lifting to allow grass cutting) or line wire pegs can be used for a more permanent fixture.

Golf Cages

If it is Golf Cages that you are after, then we supply a full range.
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