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Scaffold Netting

Sports-Nets Ltd provides a wide range of scaffold netting specifically for industrial needs as ‘supply only’ or ‘supply and fit or install’.

Ensure workers and by-standers are safe

Industrial netting is strong and will protect workers and passers-by from falling debris. It is durable, robust and will withstand the rigours of the construction industry.

Our Scaffold Netting includes:

  • Safety Netting (‘man’ fall nets – knotted with heavy rope edging)
  • Cargo Netting (covering static or moving loads)
  • Transport Netting (covering loose loads on trucks e.g. paper)
  • Stretch Netting (for binding/covering usage)
  • Construction Curtain Netting (for containing falling Debris)
  • Debris and Leaf Catching Netting (to catch flying waste)
  • Seat Blocks Cover Anti-Riot Netting (anti-seat climb and fire retardant)

Netting Specifications

  • Specifications and mesh sizes to suit all applications
  • Can be made to measure by panel dimensions
  • Boarder corded
  • Most supplied in various colours
  • Safety Netting
  • These nets weigh 200 grams per metre squared with a burst strength of 3.2 KN. The nets are available in green, white, yellow, blue, black or red. All netting and ropes conform to European Standard EN 1263 –1.
  • 45mm Safety Netting
  • 100mm Safety Netting
  • Scaffold Debris Safety Nets
Industrial Netting - Sports-Nets Ltd

Cost effective HDPE

  • Very cost-effective HDPE monofilament debris netting which can be used in conjunction with scaffolding to stop debris, rubble, tools etc. from falling, whilst still allowing the air to flow for the work force.
  • Polyethylene fine mesh debris netting
  • Stitched eyelets every 10CM
  • Extremely durable & hard wearing
  • Available in green, blue or black
Scaffold Netting - Sports-Nets Ltd

Contact us for Scaffold Netting

If you would like a quote for Scaffold Netting, please contact us. We will be happy to give you a quote today.

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